While it's true that the big wave days on the ocean are the most exciting, many wonderful days can be had on the flatter water just to the otehr side of North Carolina's outer banks. Here, Javier Garriz zips along on a 5 meter sail on the waters of the Pamlico sound.

This was a particularly fun day. It was the middle of the summer when the winds are usually their lightest. Javier and I had made a day trip to Salvo and had launched from the Hatteras Island Sail Shop. We ran into Velma Potash, one of our local regulars, who sailed along with us. The weeds were particularly bad but the weather was wonderful and the winds were even better.

I took a break from my sailing and paused a while in the waist deep water to snap a few shots as Javier and Velma made close passes by me. My underwater Minolta is totally automatic so I have no exposure control. Depending on the lighting conditions however it can still create some interesting effects as you see here.

G a l l e r i e s

P h o t o g r a p h i c a l l y  s p e a k i n g
F e e d b a c k

N e x t  i m a g e