Gear Bag of Miscellania

Since my intent for this entire website is to foster a fun and lively windsurfing community, this gear listing is offered as a courtesy to the local windsurfing community and to help stimulate the sport in this area. I will try to edit the listings so that buyers are ensured to be getting good deals on useable gear. I will not post old, outdated gear that unsuspecting novices might purchase, only to find out that it is not compatible with modern components, or may be unsafe. There is some decent old gear out there but the majority of it does not need to be on the water anymore, especially in the hands of those who are just learning the sport. This includes Dacron and Mylar sails, fiberglass and aluminum masts, tie-on booms, and old boards that are not really suitable for most people. Also please be courteous and contact me about updates when you have sold something. Thanks for helping to promote affordable windsurfing in our area.


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