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Jump with Levi Siver, Goya and Ponchitera. You should pass on this one. If you hear of anyone thinking of buying it, tell them to pass. The filming was done pretty well but those guys have no idea how to put out a video. The commentary was awful and the minutes between chapters kept showing the same thing over and over (they're in Maui for crying out loud! Couldn't they have filmed something else?).


(44 minutes/1996) A must have. If you don't like the music or the windsurfing, you're sure to love the scenery. Robbie takes flight on a slalom board and you'll swear he's never coming down. The wave action sorta has the same ol' flavor throughout the entire movie, but it's non-stop, the scenery is beautiful, and Robbie just plain gets off in this Robbie-only video! This film will make you want to turn it off and go hit the water.

Heart and Soul

(28 minutes) Another must have. Great wave action, lots of slalom sailing, and you get to meet some of the greatest sailors around.

Screaming Waters

(60 minutes) The music is pretty bad and the old filmage of "Singing Water" gets old real quick but it's Gorge action at it's best although it's a little dated. The action is almost non-stop so you get to look at a lot of jibes over and over and over. Hey, you might learn something.

Gone With the Windsurfer

One of the first videos I ever saw. It's pretty old but there's action from a lot of different sites. It even has somewhat of a plot that's not too annoying.

Wind Obsession

(60 minutes) Plenty of good action but this video was either made in the 70's or the producer was on LSD. Way too much in the stupid video effects department and the scenes in the shrink's office are unnecessary and annoying and remind me of a cheap x-rated movie. Who needs plot? Just show the action. I spent more time walking off during these silly asides and missing whatever action there may have actually been. In case you can't guess by now, I don't like this one.

RYA's The Turning Point

(90 minutes)This is an excellent instructional for the beginner as well as the intermediate windsurfer. The right ways as well as the wrong ways are clearly illustrated. You won't learn any real super action moves but you'll see many different methods of jibing, tacking, waterstarting, and practically everything you'll need to get to the intermediate level. This film covers long board and giant slalom board techniques. The little shark, Sid, signals the wrong way of doing things so you don't get right and wrong mixed up. Definitely worth having in your library.

Cort Larned's Power Jibe

(30 minutes) An excellent instructional on jibing.


(23 minutes) Neil Pryde and Tiga action with lots of bump and jump scenes. Plenty of bone shaking wipeouts too. The music's decent and the action is non-stop.


(20 minutes/1990) A Tiga/Neil Pryde flick. You may want to provide your own music to this one. The sound track sounds like a cross between Benny Goodman, Ray Charles, and Doom. And what's with the baby sounds in the background? No commentary but loads of jumping, jibing, and just plain fast sailing.

Fast Forward

(25 minutes) Another one from Neil Pride. This one has pretty good action showing lots of jibes and other maneuvers with plenty of instructional commentary from a number of sailors. They're pushing their line of RAF slalom sails but there's quite a bit to learn for any beginner or intermediate.


(27 minutes) A North Sails production with more Ian Boyd than you can shake a stick at. Complete with subliminal messages and Ian's own form of shredder rap. It'll show you all about chop hopping to looping and all tricks in between. His narrative instruction however sounds more like your mom trying to get you to take your first steps as a toddler.

Ready for the World

(42 minutes) Another North/Boyd film with some of the same clips from "Airborne" but scenes from several sailing spots. This film also covers the North line of sails and shows how to rig each one which is also applicable to most other brands of sails. If anything, this is a good one to watch if just to learn how to rig your sails properly.


This one's fine if you're into snowboarding and if you're the young grunge type. Another Ian Boyd flick. Nice Baja scenery but it kinda get's boring after a while. The cinematography is mediocre and the music is second rate. Personally, I'd pass on this one unless you've never watched a good windsurfing film before.
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